Sunday, June 7, 2009

NO! No more boob for you!

Bella has this new thing which I am sure is at least 90% my fault. Before we discovered that Bella just does not like sleeping on her back I just held her while she slept during the day. It was just too much of a hassle and too stressful playing the up and down game with her. Well most of the time I held her while she slept she would be sleeping on the naked boob she just nursed from. Now she sleeps fine in her bed during the day, but its too late... my baby is a...
She nurses then expects me to just leave my boob hanging out for her. She likes to lay on it, pretend like she's nursing, and her new favorite pinching and digging her fingers into the sides of my boob. And if I try to move her and put the boob away, she screams at me and latches back on. But does she eat? Noooo. She fills her mouth with milk then lets it dribble out the sides.
So what do I do? Being the pushover that I am when it comes to my youngest, I leave my boob hanging out for her to lay on until she falls asleep then after I lie her down I then get to put it away. But in my mind I'm yelling "No! No more boob for you!"

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