Monday, June 8, 2009

Never wash your floors.

Here's what I want you to do: Take whatever you wash your non-carpeted floors with (in my case mop and bucket) outside, put them on the ground behind your vehicle, get in and start said vehicle, now run over you floor cleaning stuff 10 times (20 if your as frustrated as me). But you're not done yet! Gather the broken pieces, pour gas on them, set that mess ablaze, get some sticks and marshmallows, kick back and relax.
Why these extremely violent feelings to my poor mop and bucket? Because they are pointless. They place a curse upon me each time I use them, because it never fails, if I mop the floor someone will spill something on it shortly thereafter. Not only did I sweep and mop my kitchen floor today, I got down and scrubbed it. My floor has never looked that good. An hour later Ryan spilled an entire thing of red koolaid on it because he felt he could refill his cup on his own.
Its at times like these I sit down and ask "Why me God? Why am I your little joke?"

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Nicole Montgomery said...

at least this doesn't only happen at my house, only instead of red kool aid, it is grape >_<