Friday, June 12, 2009

What to write about?

Its the end of the week and I haven't blogged in three days. Why? I have nothing to write about and not really the time to write about nothing.
I've been busy getting the house ready for Zach's birthday party, which only 2 of his friends' parents bothered to even call about. (Oh yeah and to all who didn't even bother to call and say your kids weren't coming, real nice you inconsiderate asses.) But I figured what the hell, it doesn't matter if its just two of his friends, him, and Ryan, he's having a party. I've been cleaning all week, yet, remarkably its not noticeable. That brings me to the next part...
I've been in too foul a mood the past couple of nights to blog when I usually do. Since I'm cleaning non-stop all day without seeming to make a difference John comes home and complains about how this, this, and this isn't done and we have a party to be ready for in x-days. But does he bother to help with any of the cleaning once the kids lay down and it would actually stay clean for a while? No. He sits watches tv and plays his damn cello. Plus, I've been stressing about the asses who haven't bothered to call about the party, and the fact that we're 2 months behind on our house note. On top of all of that I'm feeling rather PMS-y.
I spent the past month getting everything ready to re-open my store with the site I work with, and figuring out how to go about advertising for myself with a newsletter since the site wasn't going to do our ads anymore. And what do I find out, its more than likely closing, so I get to go through the joy of trying to sale myself and products to another store, a process I HATE. I mean I can only take so many "Sorry, but no" emails from the stores I like and acceptance from the ones I don't like. But hey, I got to set my products up somewhere so I'll probably end up at a store that drags in absolutely no customers and be a giant waste of my time and effort. And since I'll be going to a new store (if anyone bothers to accept me) I'll get to re-do all my freaking previews again. Joy.
So yeah, that's why there's been no new blog post in the past three days.


Kat said...

Big *hugs* Trish!! I hope things get better for you soon.

Jessica said...

Aw, hon! It will get better, I promise. ((((HUGS))))