Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Great Blog Post on Photo Editing

So, just for the record, I’m not saying the following blog post is great just because its on the Shabby Princess’ blog, I’m saying it’s great because it is really great.

Becky from the Shabby Princess’ team posted a great very detailed non-photographer friendly post on how to get the most from your camera while not using all your auto presets. She uses a dSLR, but I have a point and shoot and was able to use the principles she covered with mine. I mean this post is just great. Really. Trust me. (lol)

Here is her post on the Shabby Princess’ blog:
The Shabby Shoppe Blog: Focus on Photos

We had a nice lightly overcast day today, perfect for going out and taking cute pictures of adorable girls in precious dresses out in the grass to practice using the techniques Beckie mentioned in the blog post. I got 50+ photos of Miss Belly, 30 non-blurry usable ones, and 15ish that I just loved. And I thought I’d share my favorites from them. Now these have some editing, but not much.


Trust me, you really want to go check out that post. Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer (which I don’t) You’ll love the improvement you see in your photos.

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