Thursday, May 27, 2010

Her first real boo-boos.


And that’s only just right after it happened. Already both areas where they are slightly blue now (and into the surrounding red) are all purple and bruise-y. She wouldn’t put up with any more picture taking though.

So what happened…

Zach left a folder on the table and on top of said folder was Belly’s Holy Grail. This sparkly pencil that she is constantly trying to get and eat. She went to pull herself up on the table grabbed the folder just got her head over the top when…

Bam! The folder shifted and she hit her head on the edge of the table (small boo-boo) and then…

Double bam! She then hits her head again on the leg of the table. (larger bruise)

Fun fun times in my house.

Belly’s screaming, Zach’s freaking out, and the dog is going nuts because she hates when Belly gets worked up to that degree. I scoop Belly up and hold her close and give her loves, while talking to Zach to calm him down, and scooting to the backdoor to open it and let the dog out.

Everyone’s calm and ok now though.

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