Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes.

Some of the glorious things my boys have said over the past month:

  • "Mommy I need to eat all the food in the house so I can be Fat Albert." - Ryan
  • "Mommy I'll let you lick my face if you get me a drink." Ryan (And ewwww...)
  • So, I'm working on a request and Zach comes up to me and says "That looks like Bella." I say "But Bella doesn't wear glasses nor does she have black hair." To which Zach replies "Well, she COULD.
  • Ryan singing "Underpanties, underpanties, I'm going to color your underpanties."
  • Me "Ok, its my turn to pick the movie!" Zach "Just please don't pick something black and white." Me "Um, why would I?" Zach "Because you're old and Maumau's old and she ALWAYS picks black and white."
  • Ryan "Mommy I can't sleep." Me "Ryan you've been asleep for 3 1/2 hours now." Ryan "Oh, well I forgot how to sleep in my bed." Me "Well here, I'll tuck you back in and all you have to do is close your eyes." Ryan "Mommy, I lost Monkey in the bathroom." Me "No, he's in your hands." Ryan "No he's not!" Me (move covers)"See in your hands." Ryan "Oh well goodnight then."
  • Ryan "Mama look, sumun messed up migh caan." Could my son sound any more country?? That's supposed to be "Momma look, someone messed up my cane.”

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Pom said...

LOL! They're so adorable!

Congrats for the GSO, Trish!!!!
I toot the horn for you. :D