Monday, May 31, 2010

The first hurdle down.

So… I got a job. I’m the new one year old teacher for my church’s Parents’ Day Out program. It was a very last minute hire. I was told they needed teachers for the summer program and I’d previously applied, so I went up to the director and told her I wanted the job. Kind of upfront right? lol I couldn’t believe I did it, but I did. Saturday night the director called me and said if I wanted the job I needed to come in an hour early to church Sunday for an interview. I did, I got the job, and went in to set up my room, get my lessons plans, and roster today.

None of that was as scary or stressful as what I just did.

I called and introduced myself to the parents. ((gulp)) Some parents made it really easy, they were open, nice, and chatty. Others, eh, not so much. It was “uh huh”s and “ok”s leaving me with no idea if they got what I was telling them or what they thought of what I was saying. One parent came right out and asked if I was a new hire and she wasn’t sure if she felt comfortable leaving her child with a new teacher. Errr… huh? ((growl)) I have four years of college studying Early Childhood Education, with countless field hours, and two year experience teaching the one year old Sunday School. Ok, so the mom didn’t know, but geesh, rude much? I explained to her that I had two years of experience teaching one year olds, in my “oh-no-its-ok-I-won’t-hit-you-or-take-offense voice, and that seemed to appease her some, but she said she’ll still need to speak with the director about her concern. But really for the most part it went fine, much better than my minor panic attacked mind led me to think it would.

Tomorrow, hurdle number two, meeting my students. (That would be 12 one year olds by the way, and one assistant I’ve never met…)

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