Monday, May 17, 2010

An Awesome 1 Year Checkup!

I took Belly in for her one year check up this morning and it was wonderful!
She's 18 pounds even now and 27.5 inches long, and... in the 10%!!! Her doctor said that a jump like that is nothing short of miraculous since at her last checkup (2/22) she has gained 3 pounds and grown an inch and a half and was in like the 3%. And best of all he said he sees no reason at all for her to go back to the geneticist for more tests, and that he'll call the geneticist and say that since the previous tests showed nothing wrong, and she's improving so much that as her doctor he is advising us not to have more tests done.


Nicole Montgomery said...

<3 This is amazing! You must be one happy mama!

Pom said...

Congrats to you and little Bella about that!

I hope you don't have those hives anymore. Looked really scary! :)