Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (3/12) + Update

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Oh… what to say about this week.

I had to play a ton of catch up on housework from having us sick most of the week before. This included washing everyone’s bedding, main stuffed animals, and doing a full disinfecting of the bathroom. Not to mention a ton of laundry since only puked on stuff got washed the sick week.

Zach had a friend from school come over one day. It was wonderful watching him play with a friend from school. It was his first no-reason-to-come-over time having a friend at the house.

Belly has been beyond bratty. No idea why. Though she was very good today for a change.

Ryan got in trouble at school every single blessed day last week, which led to a melt-down this morning when we told him we felt he had not done anything to deserve ice cream money today.

The boys and I finished reading Ramona the Pest last night. We were supposed to start Ramona and Beezus tonight (we didn’t realize when we started Ramona the Pest that it was the second book) but poor Ryan fell asleep before we got to reading.

Today was a beautiful 64 degrees and sunny, so once the boys got home we spent most of the day playing in the backyard.

Well, I guess that’s it. Fingers crossed next week is completely back to normal so I can get back to blogging!

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