Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A bad day at Black Rock.

Apparently I did not hold the exclusive rights to having a bad day yesterday in my house.

Zach had a bad day at school yesterday. He didn’t get in trouble or anything, but when he was walking to the van when I went to pick him up he had his “woe-is-me” face on. So, when he was in and buckled I asked what was wrong and this is what I was told.

“I only have one friend at school.”

“Uh, no you don’t Zach. You have at least 3, because you’ve been friends with two boys in your class since K4.”

“No Mom. I have one. See, it started when we got to class after breakfast. My friends were doing stuff they shouldn’t, and I told them to stop or they would get in trouble. Then Ms. (teacher) saw them and they all moved their clips. They say it’s all my fault and don’t want to be my friend cause I’m a tattle tale, but I didn’t tattle on them!”

“I’m sorry buddy. I’m sure they’ll forget about it by tomorrow. Did all your friends blame you?”

“No; Austin, Kayden, and Nick would still play with me. But now Kayden and Nick say me and Austin can’t be their friends either.”

“Well why not? What did you and Austin do?”

“We told them that it couldn’t be a three way tie when obviously two of them lost the race. And they did Mom, they were slow and they lost bad.”

“Surely, you, Zachary Evan, were not rude enough to tell them that?”

“Um… maybe.”

“Then tomorrow you better take your butt to Kayden and Nick and apologize and ask if they’ll be your friends again.”

“There’s a problem… I can’t.”


“Austin and I created the ‘We’re Cool and Everyone Else is Losers’ Club. So now everyone is even madder.”

((big sigh and head shake from me)) “Zach, it’s a little early in the school game to making clubs like that. Apologize to your friends tomorrow, that’s the end of it.”

And while we are on a Zach note, though I’m not doing project 52 (intentionally) this year I did decide to play along with a few groups on Flickr and added this photo of Zach to two groups, which both do themes. One group is doing the themes of “Power” or “Up” this week. The other is doing the theme “Darks and Lights.”

You should go check out all the awesome photos posted. :)

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