Friday, March 25, 2011

Well, someone sure has had her grumpy panties on.

I’ve been kinda grumpy on here almost all week, haven’t I? lol I promise, I’m not always so grumpy. My allergies are performing a slow and painful execution of me, and it’s just well, made me kinda short tempered.

After my medicine finally kicked in this morning I came to the conclusion that I am not fit for public human interaction. What you might not know, readers, is that I have a bad, horrible, ugly temper. It’s really bad, which is why I try to not let things get to me. Well, everything has been getting to me all week. Generally, when I am in a mood being around other people helps, because as I said, I know I have a bad temper and I refuse to blow up on people. (well… except my siblings, parents, and John. lol)

I go to drop the boys off at school this morning and the lady working out there stopped Ryan, and brought him back to the van, and asked if I was aware of the school’s no holes policy. Zach’s been at this school for three years almost, so I’m very aware of it. BUT Ryan goes to school with holes in his pants all the time and they’ve never said anything about it, and since the K4 classes don’t have to follow the entire dress code I figured this was part of it. The boy is hard on his pant, and all his pants are Zach’s hand-me-downs. Yeah, they’re worn looking but not ratty and raggedy. The holes in them are tiny, probably silver dollar size at largest, and generally there’s just one in the knee. All of his pants have holes. Well, one thing led to another and I end up completely going off on this poor woman, cussing and everything. It wasn’t pretty and yeah, while it’s stupid not only of the school to try to enforce this so late in the game (most days we’re in shorts now, a cold front just came in last night), it was equally wrong of her to bring it up the way she did in front of Ryan and all the other parents dropping off kids; it was just as wrong for me to go off on her.

That was my wake up call on how grumpy I’ve been. So, we (I) need to work on bringing back happy-Trish, cause this grumpy-Trish act is getting old fast.

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