Thursday, March 24, 2011

A poor wife’s (not so) empty threat.

“Baby, I’m going to ban Black Ops from our house.”

That statement came after listening to him moan, grumble, cuss, and yell at the tv for an hour because of Black Ops.

I. Hate. Black Ops.

The tone of our night time routines (after kids are in bed) revolves around how well or poor he does in that game, and I am just fed up with it. I’m sick of the yelling, cussing, anger, and all of it. I’m considering having an “accident” happen to it.

Of course John says it’s not his fault; it’s the servers, or his team, or a glitch. Anybody/thing other than him.

I told him I didn’t care. Either quit taking the game so darn seriously or it will go bye-bye.

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Brandi said...

This was very much the same tune with Chris and his Call of Duty before our PS3 got stolen. I actually told him the same thing!!! As upset as I was that our PS3 and our Wii got stolen, I'm not going to lie that I've enjoyed the lack of anger and cussing due to Call of Duty!!