Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The church fiasco.

So, I’ve dropped the boys off at church, then go back to eat dinner at my mom’s. This is our Wednesday ritual.

It starts like this:
12 – me and Belly go over to mom’s for lunch.
12:45 – leave Belly at my mom’s napping I go help in Zach’s class.
3 – get back to my mom’s with boys, we do homework, play, make dinner, hang out
6 – take boys, younger brother, and younger sister to church
6:20ish – step-dad arrives to work in the middle school class, drops John off with me, we both go to my mom’s to eat.
8:30ish – step-dad brings everyone to my mom’s, then we say goodbyes and go home.

That has been the schedule every Wednesday for the past few months. My step-dad decided to vary from that tonight, oh and so did my brother and sister. ((grumble face))

We’re late leaving the house because my brother and sister wait to tell me they aren’t going until after we’ve been waiting and waiting for them. Hurry and pack up the boys, then hurry to church because we’ll already be late. Drop boys off at church, look around for step-dad’s car. Look around some more.

No step-dad. Call step-dad ask where he is, apparently, he’s not coming. Doesn’t mention John, so I figure I’ll meet them at my mom’s. ((loud buzzing “YOU ARE WRONG” noise)) Nope. Apparently step-dad took John home… to our empty, messy (cause I didn’t have time to clean earlier) house where dinner is not.

7:45 rolls around I try to round up Belly so we can get the boys… it’s not happening. Belly doesn’t want to leave, but can’t do sleep over. Huge epic tantrum ensues. Finally get her ready to go, pick her up, and “Oh crap!” She’s undone one side of her diaper, peed, and now one leg of her pants are soaked. Have no spare pants. Change her and just remove pants. Pray we can find parking in drop off lane in front of where I get the boys she can stay in the van.

Get to van, get Belly in van… and wait. Person is behind me talking to step-dad and mom and just NOT getting the message I need to leave. Look at clock, make grumble face and cussing noises. It’s now 8, church gets out at 8, I’m still in my mom’s driveway.

Five minutes later, finally get to leave, speed most of the way to church. Get to church. Have to park far from doors, thus, I must take pant-less, grimey Belly with me into the church to get the boys, whom I am 20 minutes late getting.

Ladies in church just laugh and say no it’s fine. I’m desperately trying to keep Belly’s shirt covering her diaper-only no-pants bottom. Failing at that. Especially when she tries to wiggle out of my arms to get her “Eye-an” and “A-chy.” Much embarrassment all around.

Get home, notice house smells good. Oh crap, John cleaned. Means John noticed and minded the mess enough to get frustrated enough to clean. Give him his share of dinner. Eats a few bites then tells me it’s gross. I decide not to mention I made dinner.

Fun, fun times.


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Auntie T said...

Sounds like you were having one of those "Calgon take me away" moments.