Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feel the hate broccoli, feel the hate.

Hater #1 – Zach
“Um, eww. Mom, what is this?”
”It’s broccoli and cheese, eat it, you like it.”
”No, no I don’t. Can I put it back in the pan and just get more meat and noodles?”
(Look at clock, see he now has 10 minutes to eat before having to leave for Cub Scouts.)
”Fine Zach, do whatever you want.”

Hater #2 – John
“Baby, what’s this green blob?”
(sigh) “Broccoli and cheese. Eat it.”
”Uh… no. This is broccoli and cheese soup with some chunks. Where’s the rest of the broccoli?”
”(Dang)it John! Just eat it. That is what homemade broccoli and cheese looks like!”
”Nuh-uh. My grandmother’s broccoli and cheese did not look like this.”
”That’s because she made frozen broccoli and cheese!”
”Liar. You take that back now.”
(glare across room at him)

Hater #3 – Belly
Ewww! Mommy, eww!”
(look over and see her lifting up her bread and pointing to broccoli and cheese in her bowl)

(Screw) it. Broccoli and cheese – you were an epic fail.

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