Friday, October 15, 2010

What time is it?

(this was a conversation with Ryan from early this morning)

“Mommy! Look what time it is! It’s time to get up.”

“I can’t see what time it is Ryan, I’m not wearing my glasses. Why don’t you tell me what the clock says.”

“Um, it’s S, P, dot, dot, 1.”

“Huh? Ryan there aren’t letters on the clock.”

“Yes. Yes there is I see them.”

Using my superb powers of Ryan-logic reasoning I try to translate. So, S is obviously a 2 or 5, but since I know it’s not 2 or 5 in the morning I deduce he read it all backwards. The P is either a 9, 6, or 4, and the one is actually a 1 or 7 since those two still sometimes confuse him.

“OK Ryan, is the S pointing to our feet or our head?”

“Our heads.”

So that means the S is a 5.

“Is the P pointing to our feet or heads?”

“Our heads too.”

So that means the P is a 9 or 4.

“Is the P broken? Is it missing a line?”

“Yup, the top of its head is gone.

The P is a 4.

“Does the one have a head?”


Thus the time is 7:45, it is indeed time to get up.

((oh and I know I’m seriously need to update some more – let me finish cleaning first lol))

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Nicole Montgomery said...

(1st of all I've been wanting to say this for months but always remember right after I hit the post comment button; I hate how the captcha on your comment form comes up after you post the comment. You know how many times I have commented on your blog then x-ed out to realize I never did that stupid captcha?!)

Anyway; love this post! I can remember mornings (some very, very early mornings) just like this. Now that Thomas actually has the numbers nailed he knows not to wake me before 7:00 am, unless it is a true emergency and if it is after 5 am he can watch cartoons quietly in bed. After 6, he can get up grab an easy breakfast and bottle of water and watch tv on the couch. Anything as long as I don't have to get up!