Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bella and the Zoo

So the Belly and I went on our first two of us outing yesterday. We’ve done things like shopping and errands and such, but we haven’t just gone out and done fun stuff.

I wasn’t sure how going to the zoo with Bella would go. I wasn’t certain she was old enough to really enjoy it, so my motivation for us going was purely selfish, I love the zoo. Like uber love. Almost as much as Disney World love. My main hope was that she just wouldn’t be bored and fussy since we were going during her nap time.

Well, in a word, success.

She had lots of fun. She was pretty bored with the animals that were just laying there, but the ones up and moving she loved. Of course since she’s in her “NO! Mine!” stage she kept announcing to people who happened to stop at the exhibits that we were at that the animals were her’s. lol She didn’t start getting fussy until after lunch time. We enjoyed a lunch of peanut butter/apple butter sandwiches and bunny grahams sitting in front of the elephants. We stayed a much shorter time than I normally would’ve stayed if I had the boys, but it was good. She had fun and I got to enjoy myself.

Of course normally I take hundreds of photos at the zoo.

But I have not a one to share. lol

For once I remembered to charge my camera, but stupid me forgot to make sure I actually had a memory card in it.


Pom said...

Memory card thing....? BTDT. LOL!

Nicole Montgomery said...

Could you not have taken a few pictures with the cell? Ugh how dare you use an excuse like forgetting a memory card? How dare you not post pictures with a post like this?! Huh? How dare you?

I have to say I am so jealous! Bailey and my best alone time outing was just last Monday. Going to Once Upon a Child to spend her bday money. ROFL! What fun!