Friday, October 22, 2010

Report Cards and Conferences

Ryan’s Report Card:
DSCN9510 copy

Ryan’s Parent/Teacher Conference:
Ryan’s conference went really well! I was much more worried about his than Zach’s since Ryan had been getting into so much trouble at school, but his teachers said they’ve seen a real improvement in his behavior. They said he seems to be working very hard at remembering and following the rules of the classroom now, and that he’s turning into one of their better behaved students. He’s one of their quickest to pick up on what they’re going over, and he seems to really enjoy learning.

Zach’s Report Card:
DSCN9512 copy

Zach’s Parent/Teacher Conference:
Of course Zach’s conference went well, lol, it always does. His teacher says he’s a joy to teach. He pays attention when she’s going over things, and she said his level of concentration on his work is just astounding. She said he works so hard to do everything so perfectly and precisely that he does have to be prodded to hurry at times, but that she’d rather have a student so committed to learning than 5 students who just want to finish their work on time. She said he was the last person to finish his first 9 weeks reading unit test, but he was the only person to not only make an A, but he was her first student in three years to make a 100 on it. (You wouldn’t believe my huge proud mommy moment I had then. lol) She said he’s a very slow reader, but again, not because he has difficulties but because he wants to work out the words as perfectly as possible in his head before saying them aloud, and he’s generally working on two or three words at a time.

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Nicole Montgomery said...

Wow! They both did great!! Great progress and change for Ryan!! And Zach, wow! WTG! All A's? I hope you gave him a good treat!!

Thomas' teachers have said the same thing about wanting to finish the work precisely instead of rushing to get it done. Makes a mommy proud. :D