Tuesday, October 19, 2010


DSCN9481 copyI’ve mentioned monster powder once before on my blog. 

Monster powder is this truly amazing stuff. It works on monsters, ghosts, monster-ghosts, aliens, zombies, wampas, velociraptors, witches, mummies, vampires, evil dolls, and bad men.

It’s invisible and self-replenishing and free.

When my younger brother was a toddler he developed an unhealthy fear of bedtime. This was very surprising and baffling since, like Ryan, my younger brother was never scared of anything. My mother didn’t know what to do. She ended up calling my step-grandmother and asking what she should do, and my step-grandmother gave her a simple solution that worked for her, monster powder. She said to take a small salt shaker (like the tiny party size ones), empty and wash it, and then to give it to Spencer (my younger brother). What you do is let the child “sprinkle” the monster powder under and on their pillow, then rub it in. Sometimes the special stuffed animals that they sleep with need it too. Also, sometimes monster powder needs to be slept with – under the pillow.

The monster powder pictured above was Spencer’s, and then was my little sister Hannah’s, then it was Zachary’s, and now it is Ryan’s. It’s just a cheap thick plastic salt shaker my mom bought all those years ago when my brother was little. It has worked wonderfully all these years for us, and Ryan will tell you there are many nights he has been saved from the monster ghosts, wampas, and velociraptors by holding tight to his monster powder and sprinkling it on his pillow.

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Nicole Montgomery said...

Love it! I said it before, but now that I know more details, totally stealing!