Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yeah, I'm magical like that.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Moooooooooommy!!! I'm bleeding!" screams hysterical running boy.

"Ok, Ryan, where are you bleeding from now?" asks the bored Mom who knows this is not the I'm-actually-hurt crying.

"My arm-bow, it's bleeding! Its bleeding and bleeding and bleeding!" cries the over dramatic boy.

"Alright, let's look at your arm." Says the Mom, bends down and looks at the bleeding and bleeding and bleeding arm-bow. "Ryan, you are aware that there is almost no blood and just a tiny scrape?"

"No, you just can't see it Mommy. It's bleeding bunches. I need a band-aid." says the stubborn boy.

"Well, ok, Ryan." The Mom gets down and opens the band-aid, band-aid will not stick to the sweaty boy. "Ryan, do you really need one? You're too sweaty for it to stick."

"Yes, Mom. I do." says the very serious boy. So the Mom wipes the boy's arm so the sweat will all be gone. The Mom moves the towel and goes to put new band-aid on... "MOM WAIT!"

The Mom looks up, "Why Ryan? Isn't it bleeding?" asks the amused Mom.

"Mommy, you're magic, you made the boo-boo and blood go AWAY." says the awestruck boy. "Oh thank you Mommy!" says the happy boy, who then hugs the Mom and runs away.

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