Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 1 of 30

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself


Well, this is the most recent picture of me by myself, there’s not many of just me. lol I’m the primary picture taker so unless I’m taking one of me and one of the kiddos there are almost never pictures of just me. Ryan took this one of me at the city’s fireworks show on July 3rd. (I passed the camera off to the boys for that) I actually really enjoy getting my picture taken, but like I said it’s a very rare occurrence, not only is it rare, but it’s even rarer for me to be dressed up or wearing make up in a picture. Out of the 100+ pictures the boys took this is the only one of me, and the full size picture is actually super blurry.
15 Interesting Facts…
Hmmm… not sure if these will be interesting or not, but here we go, 15 facts.

  1. I’m the second oldest of 7. I have an older brother (25), a half-brother (17), a half-sister (14), a step-sister (15), a step-brother (12), and a cousin my mom and step-dad adopted (18). I’m 23.
  2. I’m 4’11’” (though my license says 5”) and 100ish pounds.
  3. My focus in high school was art, though I never really use any of my skills anymore outside of creating stuff on the computer.
  4. When I graduated from high school I had an almost 1 year old and was about 2.5 months pregnant.
  5. My major in college was Early Childhood Education, but when I ever get around to graduating I’ll be able to also get a minor in Sociology and History. (My two favorite subjects I’ve studied)
  6. Though I love art, I hate taking art classes. I hate having other people tell me what I should be creating, and I hate the better-than-you attitude most art teachers have.
  7. While I happened to stay pale all summer (it was just too hot to go out a lot) unlike most red heads I don’t really burn a lot, I tan easily.
  8. I love listening to music. If I was in charge of the entertainment at my house I’d have the tv on a lot less and the radio on a lot more.
  9. I’m a coffee addict, you do not want to be around me when I don’t have coffee. That being said I’m really hard on coffee makers, we just bought our 5th since we moved into this house 2 years ago.
  10. My favorite food is Chef Boyardee mini-raviolis. They’ve been my favorite since I was a baby.
  11. I love to sit outside in our carport and read when I can get alone time. Even when its super cold or hot. I love the peace and quiet and John (very graciously) will watch the kids for 30 minutes when he first gets home so I can have a small break before the dinner and bedtime craziness.
  12. I don’t like sweets. At all. Never have. I prefer spicy or salty foods. Though when it’s “that time” of the month I crave me some dark chocolate.
  13. I knit and sew… slowly. I have this nifty sewing machine John got me for Christmas, but have no clue how to work the silly thing.
  14. The zoo has to be my favorite place, locally, to go. I love walking around and seeing the animals. Favorite place all together has to be Disney World, I don’t see how anyone could not love to go there.
  15. I think I make the prettiest kiddos in the whole wide world.

Well, there you go, 15 facts.


Anonymous said...

That was fun reading about you!

Dina said...

Such a cool idea! I'm definitely going to stalk you - in a non-creepy way - for the next 30 days :)