Monday, August 30, 2010

Ryan vs. The Playground

Ryan – 0, Playground 1


Whilst running on the playground Ryan fell, then bumped his chin on a step on the slide. The slide steps are plastic and rounded – yet he managed to bust open his chin. Nice. It’s a bit over an inch long and before it was glued together the widest part (in the middle) was over a 1/4 an inch wide. He really did a number on himself. Our choices were six stitches or trying the glue stuff – we went the glue route.


Nicole Montgomery said...


I wish we were offered glue with Thomas.
My poor kid has 3 scars on his big ol' head!

This makes me dread school!! LOL.

How did he handle it? How is he now? I hope it heals nicely. And do not forgot to load up on neosporin!!

Trish said...

He handled it better than everyone around him. lol Didn't cry when it happened. Didn't cry while the nurse looked at and bandaged it. Didn't cry when the doc poked at it or when his nurse held the gash together so they could apply the glue. He was loving all the attention he got at school this morning because of it. The only downside (to him) he can't do recess or PE today.