Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 3 of 30

*I swear I didn’t forget yesterday, I kept meaning to do it all day, but am feeling craptastic.*

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Talk about going way back. That’s kindergarten circa 1992 school year. lol

I’ve mentioned Emily several times on here seeing as how she’s my oldest friend, 18 years now. Man is that mind blowing to me. lol For some reason it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been alive long enough yet to say that I’ve had a friend for 18 years.

So Emily and I met in kindergarten. She was 6 and I was 5. In the picture I’m the one with a badly drawn blue heart around my head and she behind me to the left, faintly circle in red. Or if you can see it there’s an arrow pointing to me saying (shocker) me, and one pointing to Emily saying Emily. Emily and I were in the same class, and my older brother and her older brother were also in the same 6380_583132680821_55012185_33804499_8111496_nclass.

After Emily and I and my brother and her’s became friends and our moms got to know each other my mom started watching Emily and her brother after school. There were many a weekends that Emily stayed at my house, or I at her’s. Reverse held true for our brothers. The only other time we were in the same class was in 4th grade. We went to the same schools until 7th grade when I moved. We went to different colleges in different states as well, but we’ve stayed close.

(Picture two is of Emily and I at her wedding shower/bachelorette party) We’re pretty darn opposite in hobbies, temperament, and most obviously lol height. She’s always been one of those weird tall people were I remain stubbornly and normally short. And yes, it is one of her favorite things to tease me about, always has been, and unless I for some reason grow or her shrink I imagine she’ll keep up the teasing. Its ok 6380_583136518131_55012185_33804796_3377005_nthough, I pick on her for being tall. It’s what’s known as mutual teasing.

Emily got married last June (where I was matron of honor – I swear my shortness through off the aesthetics of the wedding party) . That picture of us is from the night before at the after rehearsal dinner. She then moved with her husband to Texas, then a few months later also joined the army. (Her husband is in the army too) She’s moved yet again to D.C. but with limited funds, and three kids, I don’t travel much. We make do with texting and phone calls, but I really miss being able to see my friend.

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