Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flashback (8/6)

So, since we have entered the world of teething, 11pm - 2am (roughly) is no longer an acceptable time for sleeping. To Bella it is a time of great mischief and fun, where Mommy dotes on no one but her. Mommy, on the other hand, is slightly bored and extremely tired. So what does Mommy do? Check Facebook of course, and continuously update her status with silly non-sequentials. And the obvious thing is, they all deal with her royal highness Miss Bella. I catch up on the statuses of lots of other moms with babies at that time too. Huh, guess, as one friend put it, all the babies got the party all night memos and the mommies didn't.
Here are some of the midnight Bella statuses:

  • "its 1 am on Wednesday, do you know where your daughter is? Mine just so happens to be awake and full of energy."
  • "What's that? Oh, Bella's awake in the middle of the night... again."
  • "Me to Bella: 'if you punch yourself in the eye it will hurt'"
  • "Bella to her feet: "Holy cow! There are TWO of you?!""

Which leads to a new little tid bit. Much to Bella's awe, surprise, and trepidation she now has a left AND right foot.

Original post here: Two Blues and a Pink – Those middle of the night Facebook updates

(Gee – a year later and I’m still making posts complaining about teething. lol)

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