Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I spend a good chunk of my time working on this:


It’s going to hang in a frame over one end of Mason’s crib. I love how it turned out, but I won’t lie, it took a nice long while to get it all looking exactly the way I wanted.

Today I’ve been trying to keep up with Belly, do some very minimal cleaning, and I had to get out in a freaking storm to go to my mom’s, pick up a permission form for my sister, and then take it to her school. ((Ugh I hate driving in the rain.)) Since my little sister is as nitpicky about my clothes as Zach is ((they both think I have no sense at all on dressing myself presentably)) I decided to let Belly dress herself for the visit to the school. ((lol)) She picked out black leggings with thin metallic stripes, a hot pink tutu, a blue skateboarding shirt, and an old dinosaur sweater of Ryan’s. I love how Belly never lets me down when it comes to outrageous outfits.


She also needed to play in the rain some too.


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