Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh yeah… THIS is why I hate being pregnant.

54254370480515358_5LlZRdLj_c None of my kids wrote that.

Though with Zach’s habit of writing me angry notes I’m really surprised he hasn’t written me a similar one yet.

That note is from here. I found it on Pinterest and it seemed pretty dang appropriate so I figured I needed it today too.

Over the past few days I have been reminded why I don’t like getting all pregnified and stuff. Yeah… there’s the whole puking, exhaustion, migraines, and pains… but now I remember those aren’t on the top of the “Why I Hate Being Pregnant” list.

This would be why I tend to do stupid things when pregnant, for example, dumping John when pregnant with Zach – that was definitely caused by this current situation. Oh and yelling and cussing at my art theory professor in college… that was caused by this too.

It’s these stupid hormones.

I am just not built to handle all these crazy hormones that go through me. I turn into a monster that resembles Trish. I yell… I yell a lot. Oh and scream too. And cuss even more than normal (which is already a ton). And that filter that doesn’t work 100% of the time anyway, you know the one in my brain that says “DON’T SAY THIS OUT LOUD!” yeah it’s just gone. Factor in some bipolar-esque mood swings, and crying that starts over being out of something like eggs and you get me. I hate feeling like this. I’m a happy person dang it!

Now lets add in the boys who are home from school for Thanksgiving for the entire freaking week.

Oh and all those new chores and rules John implemented for said boys. You know, those ones that they don’t want to do, and that John isn’t here to enforce.

Lets also have Zach channel his inner prepubescent 12 year old girl angst and anger.

And we can’t forget Miss I’m-testing-you-and-your-boundaries Belly.

I hate school breaks.

And I hate pregnancy hormones too.

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