Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hate idiots.

I hate idiots.
Yeah, yeah, I know, its an uber-shocker, but some people just don't come out and say that so I thought I would. I try, really really hard, not to put enough effort into hating any one or thing, for that's just a wast of passion and letting something get way too far under your skin.
But, I'll say it again... I still hate idiots.
Idiots are the following:
  • Texting while driving (got to be the biggest of them all)
  • Parents who randomly park in places in the parent-pick-up line
  • People who flick cigarette butts out their car windows
  • People who keep say hello twice when they answer the phone
  • Drivers who run through the stop sign in front of my house
  • Bad pet owners who leave their loud as heck dogs out all night
Now, I don't think these people are idiots all the time, though Lord help them they might just be, but they are idiots at least part of the time, and when they are, I hate them. Only an idiot would divide their attention in such a carelessly stupid way by texting while driving. Sorry but there are no excuses for that. Parent-pick-up has signs all over the freaking place stop texting and open your freaking eyes and read them. Cigarette butts a.) kill birds and other small animals b.) kill any grass they land on prevent it from re-growing and c.) are litter. 90% of cars have ash trays, if your's doesn't use a mostly empty bottle. Say you call someone, they answer and say hello, you say hello back, they say hello again. Annoying to the nth degree. People not only run the stop sign at the four-way in front of my house, they speed up to run it. This results in loud squealing noises. Also, for all those idiots, that is the main cross for 3 schools, we've had one kid hit this year, let's not make it two. Bad owners, just be warned, I will free your dog from your backyard.
Ok, rant over. Don't care if you don't agree with me. My blog, my opinions.

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