Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Where the Wild Things Are" (A 5 Year-Old's Movie Review)

So last night I took Zach, Ryan, and Ryan's friend Zada to go see "Where the Wild Things Are." I won't give you Ryan's complete take on it seeing as how he is an easily distracted almost 4 year-old, but I'll give you his brief opinion: "I didn't like it." It might be his favorite book, but the movie did not hold his interest that much. I'll give you my take on it after Zach's.
I had to wait until this afternoon to ask him since he was asleep when we got home last night, and rushed this morning, but I took the time to write down his answers, in his words for the review.
Did you like the movie we saw last night?
Wild Things? Uh huh, but it was kinda scary.
What did you like about it?
I liked the beginning when he built the igloo, and his fort. I liked when he was bad and made his sister's room wet, and when he yelled at his mom, but that is bad. I liked the wild things and when they ran and acted silly. And the clubhouse Max and Carol built was cool. I really liked when he ran back home to his mom and she wasn't mad. (But you'd be mad right mommy?)
What else did you think about the movie?
It was kinda creepy, and funny. Oh and silly.
How was it scary?
It was scary when wild things were angry at him when he helped Carol. And then, when that bird one said Max was just a boy and Carol tore off his arm I had to close my eyes, it scared me a lot then.
What was your favorite part?
Oh, I really liked when they had that dirt fight. It was so silly. (Can I have a dirt fight?) But then, it wasn't so silly. They were mean to that goat wild thing, and that made me sad.
Do you want to see the movie again?
Yes... but not til it comes cd (dvd) that way I can stop watching it when I get too scared.

I tried to go into it with an open mind knowing a lot would have to be added to make the 12ish line book movie length. I thought the wild things looked amazing, they extremely impressed me. However, the wild things did not roar their terrible roars, or roll their terrible eyes, or gnash their terrible teeth, or show their terrible claws at the beginning or end. Nor did Max's room turn into the forest where the wild things are. Some of the wild things are coupled off and in love, and the relationship between the two major wild things, the reason behind all of the wild things' unhappiness went way over all three kids' heads. So did most of the witty-ish jokes that one wild thing made, as a matter of fact, I hated the personality they gave the wild thing Judith. It really seemed like they took a wonderful children's book and tried to gear the story line more towards adults, or at least people older than the book's targeted audience, and that really upset me.
However, after saying all of the above, I did really enjoy the movie, and will most definitly buy it when it becomes available on dvd.

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