Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going to be getting crafty with it.

I love my little miss Bellarina, but I'm afraid I'm going to be having bigger clothing issues with her than I had with Zach-Zoo. Zach, like Bella, was long and skinny. However unlike Zach, Bella has been ripping her jammies. She's still so skinny 0-3 months bags on her, the waists are still too big so when she wears pants I have to safetypin them, but they're now about 1/2 inch too short. She ripped two pairs of jammies with her long legs, one pair last night and another this morning. But my vendetta is not just against jammies, I'm just flat out sick of clothes not fitting her right. Shirts bag on her, along with pants. I can't put her 3-6 months clothes at all because the pants are too wide to safetypin and the shirt collars hang to her baby boobies. Its getting colder so I can't keep putting her in 0-3 months because the sleeves and pant legs are too short.
See my problem?
So I've decided to fix this problem myself. I'm borrowing my mom's big box-o-sewing-crap (her name for it mind you) and taking some of mine and the boys' old clothes, plus some of the hand-me-downs we got for Bella that are out of fashion and I am going to attempt to make her clothes myself. I'm not investing any money into this until I find out if this something I'll even enjoy or be marginally good at.
I've decided on starting with a jumper and some pants that I'll be making out of some of my old jeans and a orange cordouroy shirt the boys have outgrown (that I love the color of too much to give away). It may seem a little pretensious of me as a start out project, but oh well. I'll be altering a sundress pattern I found at and using her pants pattern as well. I hope to start tonight or tomorrow and I'll update y'all as I go.

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