Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bella's Jumper (Pt. 1)

So after spending so much time looking around for a simple, yet cute, free pattern to use for her jumper I discovered something very unhelpful. My printer is useless, thus the site I found with the pattern is useless. I kept the site up, used a too big jumper, and all my Bella measurements to just create my own pattern.
Here is my pattern before I cut it out. I drew it on graph paper, cut it out, then applied to a paper that is slightly thicker than cardstock, that way I can use it again after this jumper.

(you can click to view the full size images)
The extra things on the second image are the strap, the pocket, a leaf, and the peices to the pumpkin I'm putting on the top of the jumper.
Since I was so excited about this project I started it after my last blog post. I got all of the pattern drawn and cut out, plus got the main peices to the jumper traced to the fabric. The next morning I I finished tracing the other jean peices and cutting them out. Then I got all of the cordouroy peices traced and cut. Let me tell you, I though the denim would be a pain in the butt to cut, oh no, old worn cordouroy SUCKS!
Here are all the peices just laid together. (Note: I did decide to leave off the last two pumpkin peices so its now just the middle three, and the skirt isn't going to be asymetrical)

The tab things on the ends of the strap, and tops of the pockets are where the denim is going to overlap the cordouroy to creat a more lasting edge since the cordouroy is worn and old.
After I did all the cutting I started peicing together the details an embroidering it. I'm doing this before sewing the big peices together because on the pocket and bib, where there will be the most detail, I'm putting another peice of denim behind it so that the stitching doesn't get damaged. I hope to finish the embroidery today and will post the pictures tomorrow.

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