Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ahhhh! The joy of a well-sized carrier!

Ok, Bella loves to be held and to be close. The boys also loved to be held, but both of them had a huge sense of independence and preferred more to be able to go and do on their own. Both boys hated every single kind of baby carrier I put them in. So, when I was pregnant with Bella I did not ask for or buy any carriers, but somehow did end up with one. Once we had her John occasionally used the carrier with Bella, but I didn't, my boobs were just too big for too long to wear it comfortably, and Bella didn't really enjoy having John wear it.
Since we've stopped nursing and my chest has gone down to ((below)) normal I try Bella out in the carrier every so often. And... she always hated it, and I hated it too. It had been regulated to the junk pile in my entry hall (doesn't get used).
Well, the city we live in holds a fair/craft festival/car show type thing every year that the whole county takes place in. Since there's not really anything of fun to do around us, unless you want to drive to Memphis, its a pretty big deal. We didn't go last year because it was too hot, but this year it was on a beautiful slightly chilly day. Our house is close enough to where it was only a 10 minute walk to get to Celebrate so John and I got Bella and Ryan together (Zach spends weekends with my mom) and set out. We got two houses down when John decided we should go back and get the carrier because it really sucks trying to navigate the crowded area with a stroller. I told him I'd rather not, Bella and I don't like it. And then he asked the question that left me feeling kinda stupid "Well, did you ever adjust the straps? They're adjusted for me and I'm 8 inches taller than you, plus wider than you."
Yeah the carrier, once my wonderful husband fixed it for me, was wonderful. It made walking through the crowds very easy, kept Bella very warm, and for once, allowed Bella to sleep while we were out and doing.

On our way:

At Celebrate:

On the way home:

And the only down side of it was when some cranky old man stopped me and announced Bella must be freezing since she wasn't in a stroller with a blanket. I told him, no between my body heat and Bella's that she's probably warmer than any of the babies with blankets. He then said it must be some "new hippy thing" and walked away muttering about young parents.

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