Monday, October 19, 2009

Here's to sucking up my pride.

Obviously I don't mind putting this out for any and all to see...
We're broke. Like super-no money-fighting-broke.
For the past two months I've put off contacting the Health Department and the Department of Human Services, and both my grandmothers. We were on Foodstamps, and then I made the decision that we would not renew them after John's grandmother's estate was settled. And Bella has been unable to get on WIC because you have to have shots to get it, and her doctor did not want her starting shots until she was 6 months. Well, we went in for her 6 month check up and he said she was good to start them up, which means we're good to start WIC. John has told me I have have have to get us set back up on Foodstamps. Oh, and if I could call one of my grandmothers and ask to borrow some money that would be highly appreciated too.
See, there's this issue of my pride getting stuck in my throat when I try to swallow it and go and ask for help. I really don't want to. I'm of the mind there has to be a family out there who needs it more than we do, John's response is "Show me a 5 person family making $13,000 a year, who own their home, and aren't on some sort of assistance." But still, this just isn't something a person looks forward to. Its like admitting not only can we not take care of it all ourselves, we so can't do it we're asking you for help. I wasn't even the kind of student who would ask the teacher for help, this just so rubs me wrong.
But I have to do it. For the sake of my children and my marriage. So, as the title says, here's to sucking up my pride (and asking for help).

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Nicole Montgomery said...

(warning: NAK!) I am right there w you every time I step a foot in the wic office or at the department of social services it hurts. but I take the wic, food stamps and medicalfor my kids sake