Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The next hurdles down

So I started work last week. I should be there today, but both Belly and I are sick, so I’ll use this time to catch up.

We only had six of the twelve children show up, which was wonderful. It gave my helper and I a  chance  to get used to things without a dozen  one year olds underfoot. The lady I’m working with is, well, nice. She seems really eager to help. We  didn’t get our schedule until half way through the day so we were a little off for most of the day. But overall I’d say it went really well.

Nine of the twelve showed up, which sort of stretched the two of us quite a bit in the class, and especially when trying to get nine kids outside to the playground to and from recess, especially since two of them (Belly included) don’t walk. Getting everyone settled in for lunch and nap was a little more difficult, but again we managed.

Belly’s doing… ok with it. She doesn’t seem to have any problems with me holding and playing with the other kids, really she just sort of ignores me. However, since she’s still napping from 9:30ish to 11:30ish then again from 1-3 (and another later 1 hour nap) her nap schedule has been thrown into a tailspin. As of Thursday she was refusing to sleep during the nap time. Also we eat lunch there about an hour earlier than she normally does so she doesn’t have much interest in eating their either.

But really for the most part it went fine.

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Pom said...

I'm glad things are well for you, Trish! Sorry I didn't drop by as often, my life is a mess. LOL! I wish I have more hours in a day to work. Reading you is a fun break. :)