Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

So here are our pictures from Easter! (better late than never right?) Silly me, I left my camera at my mom's the day before so I had no pictures of Easter morning. We went to church the night before so we didn't go in the morning. We just got dressed, watched Up (Zach got it in his basket), then headed to my mom's for family get together.
Belly with her Maumau, my mom

Belly with her Bo-bo (my younger brother)

Belly with her great-grandmother Nana

My sister "helped" Belly look for eggs. (Code for she walked around carrying her and her basket while they both spent more time looking cute than for eggs.)

The boys hunting for eggs in my mom's front yard

Belly could've cared less about what was in the eggs. She was having too much fun looking at them, eating them, and being outside.

The boys' baskets full of eggs:

Belly and I

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