Monday, March 15, 2010

Being a parent can really suck

It really really can.
I'm not sure who said the twos are terrible, but they were wrong. Very very wrong. The almost sixes are much more terrible. Zach has taken to yelling and screaming if you so much as ask him to come to you. If he was a prepubescent girl I might think he was getting ready to start getting his periods. He's moody and extremely emotionally volatile. Not to mention at times violent. I have no idea why all this started, but it seems like he just came home from school one day like this and its just stuck around like a bad stink.
Well, we got into another of these "I hate you! I don't want you to be my mommy!" moments today, all because I said he had to get his haircut since he has pictures Wednesday. He was so gross to everyone about it. Me, my mom, his brother. So I sent him upstairs (we're at my mom's) to be alone. He started slamming doors, screaming, and trashing my brother's room. Thus I had to punish him and ground him. Zach's now grounded from TV, all game systems, Legos, and playing with others until Saturday. I stood outside the door and listened to make sure he didn't start destroying the room again, and I hear him sobbing that nobody likes or loves him and he wants a new family. So now I feel like the scum of the Earth.
See, being a parent can really suck.

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